Not Missing My TV

So, what happens to a guy when he doesn’t have DirecTV, his kids are in bed asleep and his Bears are on MNF against the Packers?  Well, he goes for a run so he can listen to the game.

There’s really nothing wrong with the aforementioned plan.  Except that I had to use a sports walkman radio thingy that attached to my arm and was at least 10 years old.  The last time I listened to this particular device, I listened to then-Cub LaTroy Hawkins blow a save against the Mets in NY in 2004.  And the only station that seems to carry the Bears around here is 780AM…which is in Chicago.  So, I went for a meandering 3.7 mile run last night, getting to hear about 1/3 of Jeff Joniak’s call of the game and about 2/3 static (for a non-Bear fan, I think the preceding statement actually adds up to 100% static).  I love Jeff Joniak, but wished the Bears Radio Network had a Des Moines home.

Anyway, this story was simply an avenue to open up my larger point – no television at our house.  Angie and I had decided that we would have a two month fast from DirecTV.   Now, before you go out to build a statue of us, our fast was motivated by multiple reasons: 1. There wasn’t anything on that we needed to see, 2. TV time is time best used connecting with each other and our kids, and 3. It saved a couple hundred bucks we’d have otherwise “wasted.”

Well, it hasn’t gone as expected.  It’s been 1,000% better than I could have dreamed.  The only time the television comes on is when we watch a movie or when TD and I are going to play some PS3 together.  And even then, the decision is different.  We have to make a conscious decision to allow the TV/PS3 to enter our night.  Gone are the days of thoughtlessly turning it on and letting it replace actual relationship building.  More conversation.  More creativity.  More productivity.  And ultimately, more intimacy.

If I had my druthers, I’d cancel it.  BUT, we have some contract left to fulfill before we can cancel it without a large cancellation penalty.  We miss Turner Classic Movies, Comcast Sports Chicago and various sporting events.  And it would be painful for me to miss the rest of the Michigan football, Chicago Bears, Blackhawks, and Bulls seasons.  We love to watch sports at our house.  Yes, I meant “we.”  But outside of that, it’s been abundantly obvious how little TV added to our life, especially compared with how much it detracts.

For those of you who want to revitalize your relationships, I challenge you to cut TV out.  It’s not easy, but you won’t regret it.


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