Burritos on the Brain

One of my favorite things to do is to pimp my favorite restaurants.  You tell me you’re going to Chicago, and I’ll immediately respond with five places you need to go eat at.  I blame it on the fact that I spent many of my formative years in my parents’ deli.

For those of you who haven’t eaten with me lately, here’s a paragraph of some lawyerly full disclosure for you.  As a general rule, I dislike chain restaurants.  Now, if a local joint does well and opens up a few locations, I’m fine with that.  Except for when the food goes to hell, like it did when Okoboji’s left their location just south of Douglas on 86th to go to their current location on 86th.  Somehow, the ability to make a decent plate of nachos got lost in the move (and don’t get me started on what hiring Johnston kids as servers did to the service…).   Other restaurants have successfully made the transition to opening multiple locations without losing their touch.  Of these, I think Mexican restaurants have been the most successful – El Rodeo and Monterrey immediately spring to mind.  But for my money, I think Mi Mexico (at its single location in Clive) is as good as it gets around here. 

The atmosphere is perfect for our kids.  Not only do the good people at Mi Mexico (http://www.mimexicoclive.com/lunch.html) endure our children with grace, they almost act as if they’re glad to see them.    The service is fast, the order is always correct, the kids food comes out a temperature that is suitable for little fingers and mouths—basically, they streamline the process for us.  And they serve Tyndal’s “lem-a-lade” in a large cup, which keeps him happy.

For the adult palette, the fare is quite good.  Chips, 2 types of salsa and refried beans you’re your arrival.  For the main course, the vegetarian espresso burrito is fantastic.  Sub in black beans for the refried beans and you’re really in business.  The burrito is big enough to split – which we typically do.  So, on a normal trip, we are full for about $10.  I’ve found it difficult to get a better deal on good food.  Plus, the variety of margarita flavors doesn’t hurt my feelings, either.

For those you on the west side of Des Moines, if you’ve not been to Mi Mexico, it’s time to give it a try.  If you’ve got your own favorite that I’ve not mentioned, let me know.


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