Jeffersonian Tastes?

As this blog doubles as my part-time confessional, I have to admit I’m a little bit of a foodie.  I’m analytical and have a discerning palate — I can’t help it.  I can eat most things that I’m presented with, and even enjoy it, but I rarely find food that I love.  I dislike chain restaurants and overly seasoned food.  Maybe it’s because I spent important years in my parents’ deli.  But really, I think that this “foodie-ism” from which I suffer (benefit?) is actually more reflective of some of my Jeffersonian tendencies.

I tell you the truth, I’m a touch francophilian in my tastes.  Now, I know for most Americans in 2010, that statement is roughly equal to me saying that I love pollution or that I’m in favor of economic recessions.  But it’s true.  As I took Monday and Tuesday off in observance of the anniversary of my birth, Angie and I had the freedom to eat anywhere in central Iowa for lunch.  And, being the terrific wife she is, Angie allowed me the choice for both days.  Monday, we went to Django for lunch.  Oh, that perfect burger, covered in au poivre sauce on buns designed specifically to carry a burger…bliss.  Pure bliss.  And don’t get me started on their vegetable beef soup.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Tuesday,  it was La Mie for lunch.  An asparagus and brie omelette with whole wheat toast and iced tea.  But my pleasure didn’t end there.  Across the table, I watched TD devour a ham & swiss croissant while drinking a San Pellegrino limonata.  Angie had an asparagus, sausage and chevre queche.  Two lunches at two French restaurants.

So, for you central Iowans, get out of your comfort zone and head out to La Mie or Django for lunch or dinner.  Then rent “La Vie En Rose“, crack open a bottle of viognier, toss some Brie in the oven for a few minutes and pair it with Carr’s table water crackers during the movie.  That’s a pretty solid date night for those of us with kids, not to mention a little French culture as an added bonus.  But you don’t have to tell anyone that you liked it, just blame your choices on Thomas Jefferson, America’s most famous francophile.


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