My (Difficult) Confession

I often use this space to challenge readers to question the way they think and relate to others.  The fact is that much of the time I’m challenging myself with my reader as the witness.  This weekend, a blind spot of mine was revealed to me.  Actually, there were multiple blind spots: Iowa Hawkeyes, Minnesota Vikings and St. Louis Cardinals.  Here was my revelation:

When you live in a place where the popular team isn’t yours, it gets annoying to have it dominate your Facebook page.  So, my defense mechanism has been (typically good-natured, but sometimes just purely competitive) mockery.  It’s rarely something that I think much of, but my friend’s rebuke got me rethinking my approach.  What I didn’t take into account is how many people actually tie their identities to the teams they follow.  I used to.  And so when I joke about their team, many people take that as a direct personal attack.  For them, it just looks like hate.

Now, I’m not someone who goes around looking to please people.  At all.  But I’m also quite aware that there much more important things to me than sports.  I don’t want to lose my credibility on something that I consider to be important just because I’m a douche when the subject matter is the Hawks, Vikings or Cardinals.  And since my friend was graceful enough to rebuke me without calling me a douche, I thank him for doing so.

From this point forward, I’m going to be more graceful when it comes to the Hawks, Vikings and Cardinals fans of the world.  How do I know if they were raised that way and just don’t know any better?  Sorry, couldn’t quit without one last jab.  But with all sincerity, how can ever hope to have enough credibility to get to the most important things to me if some little hurdle keeps tripping me up.

To all Hawk, Viking and Card fans that I’ve offended, I offer a public apology for taunting you about your fanship.  I hereby repent of my taunting ways.


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  1. “I don’t believe you.” Just kidding, well done my friend.

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