The Update

I’ve been fairly silent from a blogging perspective lately.  For that, I’m sorry.  Truth be told, I had vacation time early this week and basically spent Friday through Tuesday working on house projects, doing Christmas decorations or shopping (with a nice excursion for late burgers at Django with Angie one evening).  The result of that effort is that I’ve gone through multiple gallons of paint, changed some doorway hardware and we’re almost completely finished shopping/wrapping Christmas presents.  We’re devoting our December to love and availability, not chaos.  But you, my blog reader have been deprived of my blog (which may be a good thing, depending on your views of what I write).

I write today because I owe you an update.  In a blog post entitled, Whatever It Takes, a couple of weeks back, I asked for prayers for some friends that were trying to get pregnant with the help of modern medicine.  There was a group of us praying on this daily.  As we were promised by the people involved, we received an email Saturday morning regarding the situation.  Here’s what we got:

I just got my first blood test back this morning and I’m PREGNANT!!!!!

Thank you for all the prayers and support. I’m in such awe I don’t even know what to say. God IS SO GOOD!

My next apt is Monday, continue praying and I’ll send another update.

Really, the odds weren’t in their favor — they had every reason to emotionally hedge their bets. So to share with them the joy of seeing prayers answered after they made themselves completely vulnerable is an amazing feeling.  It’s a blessing for me whenever I get to be a part of God’s movement in the lives of my neighbors. I ask you now to continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy.

This goes for any reader of this blog: If you want prayers on something, ask us for them.  Angie and I don’t care what your beliefs are or aren’t; they’re not a prerequisite for our Father answering your requests.  It’s nothing special about Angie or me, we’re just messengers who really love carrying the message.


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